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Auto & Truck Refinancing for a Lower Car Note

If you're stuck in an auto loan that you aren't happy with, you have options. You can get a lower car note by applying for auto or truck refinancing. Without having to sell your car or transfer ownership in any way, you can refinance and reconfigure your car loan to work the way that most benefits you.

Regardless of where you originally financed your car, you can refinance it where you are now. For instance, if you bought and financed your car in another state, you can refinance in this state right now.

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Why refinance?

There are a variety of reasons people refinance their auto loans, but in some shape or form it usually comes down to these top three reasons:

Online Car Refi Application

1. Lower Your Interest Rate

When refinancing an auto loan, you have the opportunity to lock in a lower interest rate if you should qualify. Many people may be able to get a much smaller interest rate than they were capable of when they closed their current auto loan.

Online Car Refi Application

2. Lower Your Payments

Perhaps the most common reason for refinancing auto loans, you can often significantly lower your monthly car payments. Generally, the life of the loan can be stretched, which results in each of the installments being less.

Online Car Refi Application

3. Skip a Payment

When acquiring a new loan for vehicles, as well as real estate and other items, it can be common for your payment cycle to begin a month or so after the actual loan closing. When you refinance your auto loan, you are essentially getting a new loan to replace the original loan, so you may be able to skip at least one payment.

Auto and truck refinancing calculators are available to our website visitors to help them determine if our service is something which could help them. Not everyone can necessarily benefit from an auto refi, and not everybody will qualify for it. However, if you are unsure of your chances of qualification, or still have questions about whether or not a refi can help you, please feel free to fill out our quick and easy online application form. There is no obligation, and you will be contacted by an auto finance specialist who will tell you about any and all options which are available to you.

After you speak with the finance specialist, and if you conclude that a refi is an advantageous choice for you and your financial situation, you will be walked through the entire easy process, from start to finish, until your new loan is closed and you are satisfied. Achieving a lower car note or a reduced interest rate can be a breeze, and we are here to help.

"I'd had my car for about a year and I thought I could get a better interest rate. I was right! After my refi, my rate went down over one point."

Nick R.
Detroit, MI

Online Car Refi Application

Still Have Questions?

Still not sure if auto refinancing is right for you? Learm more about car loan refinancing in our section of Frequently Asked Questions.