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Refinancing a Title Car Loan

As car prices rise more and more people are being forced to take out car title loans and getting stuck with high interest rates and even higher monthly payments, so what do they do when they can no longer afford the car loan? Apply for auto refinancing. Many people don't know this option and believe you can only refinancing your mortgage, but the fact is you can refinance your auto loan to help lower your monthly payments and/or you interest rate.

How to Refinance a Car Loan

Before you can apply for the loan there are some steps you need to take to ensure a better chance at approval.

  1. Have necessary documents. These include a copy of your original loan, title of the vehicle including the VIN number, and certificate of inspection. If you can't find these items you may be able to get them at your local DMV.
  2. Request the current payoff amount. A refinance loan is used to pay the entire balance of your current auto loan. Lenders are constantly refiguring the balance and therefore when you request the quote it is only good for a few days. Be sure to request it within 10 days of getting your refi.
  3. Confirm your credit score. While bad credit auto refinancing is available and an option it will be easier to convince the lender to approve you if you have fair-good credit. Regardless of your credit score you should be able to lower the interest monthly payment by extending the loan term.
  4. Select a repayment plan. This step is important as you don't to spread yourself too thin each month, but you also don't want to pay on an older vehicle for six years. So be sure to go over the lender's plans carefully before choosing.
  5. Update all loan information. Once you have been approved for the refi and your current loan has been paid off be sure to update all appropriate agencies of the new lien holder. This includes your insurance company,
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